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Swan Thumb stick ref 182Swan Thumb stick ref 182 Duck knob stick ref 177Duck knob stick ref 177 Pheasant in rams horn ref 178Pheasant in rams horn ref 178 Kite knob stick ref 179Kite knob stick ref 179 Fox ref 181Fox ref 181
Springer Spanial ref 203Springer Spanial ref 203 Badger in rams horn ref 184Badger in rams horn ref 184 Jack Russell Terrier ref 190Jack Russell Terrier ref 190 Greyhound ref 187Greyhound ref 187 Scottish Terrier ref 189Scottish Terrier ref 189
Perigrine Falcon ref 191Perigrine Falcon ref 191 Cock Pheasant ref 192Cock Pheasant ref 192 Cheetah in Rams horn ref 193Cheetah in Rams horn ref 193 Otter ref 194Otter ref 194 Hare ref 195Hare ref 195
Jack Russell Terrier ref 197Jack Russell Terrier ref 197 Otter ref 198Otter ref 198 Jay ref 199Jay ref 199 Duck ref 175Duck ref 175 Swan ref 202Swan ref 202
Hen Pheasent ref 6453Hen Pheasent ref 6453 Hare ref 6415Hare ref 6415 Cock and Hen Pheasant ref 6783Cock and Hen Pheasant ref 6783 Kingfisher ref 7746Kingfisher ref 7746 Cock/Hen Grey Partridge stick ref 1131Cock/Hen Grey Partridge stick ref 1131