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Drake Mallard ref 6735Drake Mallard ref 6735 Red Setter ref 9780Red Setter ref 9780 Double head ref 3398Double head ref 3398 Otter ref 3421Otter ref 3421 Otter ref 2351Otter ref 2351
Fox ref 0915Fox ref 0915 Border Coliie and sheep double head ref 6920Border Coliie and sheep double head ref 6920 Jack Russell terrier ref 9941Jack Russell terrier ref 9941 Badger ref 9755Badger ref 9755 Lurcher and Hare double head ref 9371Lurcher and Hare double head ref 9371
Ram knob stick ref 70218Ram knob stick ref 70218 Jack Russell Terrier ref 6736Jack Russell Terrier ref 6736 Mallard ref 254Mallard ref 254 Otter ref 3140Otter ref 3140 Lurcher ref 2161Lurcher ref 2161
Fox ref 2119Fox ref 2119 Duck knob stick ref 3834Duck knob stick ref 3834 Duck knob stick ref 5368Duck knob stick ref 5368 Black Labrador in Buffalo horn ref 5392Black Labrador in Buffalo horn ref 5392 Red Grouse ref 5429Red Grouse ref 5429
Otter ref 0023Otter ref 0023 Pheasent ref 0172Pheasent ref 0172 Otter ref 7697Otter ref 7697 Roe Deer ref 7760Roe Deer ref 7760 Fox ref 3824Fox ref 3824