5 Tips for Getting the best possible from your wedding photographer

are avoidable and great pictures are always attainable.

We have provided 5 key tips to discuss with your photographer so you can guarantee getting the shot that will last a life time of happiness. Tip one: Make more time! If time is going to be a bit tight for photography later on in the day then why not get ready earlier! Make plans to have photographs with your bridesmaids, parents and other important people in your life when you’ve just finished getting ready when you will look absolutely perfect. Your bridesmaids and parents will especially treasure these photos with you – the last hour as a single girl! Then you can have maximum time with your party later on in the day.

Tip Two: Plan locations in advance! Your photographer is graduation photographergoing to have a lot to think about on the day. Make their life easier by thinking about potential good locations for your group shots in advance. Ideally you want a photographer who will be happy to come with you to see the venue(s) in advance so they can get their own ideas. This is one of the most important days of your life – make sure your photographer is prepared!

Tip Three: Make time for photography. We know weddings are about celebrating your union with your closest friends and family, but remember that your photographs are your way of showing your future children or grandchildren what your wedding day was like and a photographer such as Gilbert Johnston wants to help you create pictures from your North East Weddingand capture the joy of your big day.

Tip Four: Be natural! It’s your time in the lime light! It might be the only time you ever have a camera pointed at you for an entire day, but try to act natural and forget the photographer is there. It’s great if you can find a photographer who you really get along with, because they really do become a friend and can then blend into the crowd and get some really relaxed shots. It’s especially important when taking photographs of the bride and groom that you focus on each other. Forget about the camera and let your love shine through! That’s what makes great photographs, not stiff and awkward formal poses with no emotion!

Tip Five: Let the photographer know in advance wha