Amazon Adaptogens: The Benefits Hidden in the Rainforest

Nature is full of ecosystems that are full of life, wonder, and beauty, and one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world is the Amazon rainforest of South America. There are so many animals, plants, and other organisms that come together in harmony throughout the rainforests that are worth preserving for future generations to come. The Amazon rainforest provides a large source of oxygen for humans, but there are also plants available only in the Amazon that can be used for many health-related purposes. Many of these plants can be referred to as Amazon adaptogens, powerful plant-based substances that can help the body maintain homeostasis, resulting in a healthy life.Understanding AdaptogensThe concert of adaptogens has been around for centuries, especially in indigenous people’s herbal medicines, but it is a relatively new term. Amazon adaptogens can help your body’s adrenal functions to keep your body well regulated and running fit. By helping reduce the stress on your body through modulating your responses to stress, your body can be kept at an average homeostasis more often, boosting you when you are low, and calming you when you are hyper-alert. Chronic stress is the cause of many issues in parts of the body, from the immune system to sex hormones, metabolism, sleep patterns, and many more. Introducing adaptogens into the system through food and drinks, along with regular exercise, is a great way to maintain a healthy body.The Amazon Rainforest and its Abundance of Adaptogenic HerbsWhile there have been adaptogenic plants in traditional medicine, and even cooking for centuries such as ginger, ginseng and turmeric, there are a lot more herbs out there being discovered with


adaptogenic properties. The Amazon rainforest is a massive repository of Amazon adaptogens that have been used by
indigenous peoples for years, but that are also being recently discovered.The following are some of the more common Amazon adaptogens that are used in drinks and foods to help keep a stable healthy body.CupuaçuA tropical rainforest tree, the Cupuacu is related to cacao, and its fruit is a great Amazon adaptogen that is blended into a puree most often for consumption. Cupuacu helps the body by improving blood flow, reducing inflammation of the joints, helping to relax muscles, and containing a small amount of caffeine.CajaA tropical plant where its leaves, fruits, and seeds are consumed with various effects, depending on the part of the plant used. Fruit: diuretic and febrigue. Leaves & Flowers: in tea to cure stomachache, biliousness, urethritis, cystitis, and inflammation. Bark: an astringent.GuaranaA tropical shrub that is found growing in the Amazon rainforest, and one of the most used of the Amazon adaptogens for its high caffeine content, Guarana is often used in natural energy drinks. Guarana has been used as a tonic for the cardiovascular system, and by athletes to increase their threshold for physical and mental exhaustion.SumaAlso known as Amazon ginseng, the root of the ginseng plant is used in traditional medicines and tonics as an herbal medicine, as well as in cooking. Ginseng in general has several effects on the body as an Amazon adaptogen, but its main stand-out is the beta-ecdysterone within, which is wanted by bodybuilders as it improves the results from exercising.With countless Amazon adaptogens available, you can find a lot of food and drinks that include them. The most convenient are energy and health drinks that are made up of a blend of several of them to give your body a broad dose of stress controlling properties.