Does an Organization Need Leased Line

choosing Leased Line for internet access. But, ILL is not exactly just another internet connection.

Broadband VS. Leased Lines

Both ISP and leased line companies offer net accessibility for a fixed subscription charge. But broadbands are a matter of contention among the different users. In the case of an ILL, there is a dedicated connection between the ISP’s exchange and connection premises. ISP, though a bit expensive, can handle several networks at a time. Thus they are more cost-effective.

Best Time to Go For a Leased Line


Enterprises who need to stay connected to their distant offices generally trust ILL. Unlike broadband, an ILL connection is going to be overactive. It is not too expensive. The rate of the subscription generally depends on factors like the distance between sender and receiver, as well as the speed.


An ILL is what every small and medium-sized business looking for today. The main advantage is that the other businesses are not going to share the connection. Thus, the bandwidth fixed by the ISP and is not going to fluctuate even during peak office hours.


Although beneficial, ILL tends to offer limited flexibility. Also, they have a fixed capacity.

Would Lease Line Work for Your Business?

After knowing briefly about Internet Lease Lines and their other alternatives, you do have the final say about giving it a try. There are a few more things that you might consider. For example, having a leased line could be expensive and not that fitting if you have fewer employees. Again, it can be the best solution if your office activities require a lot of internet-related works. Once you consider all the factors, you will know which option to go for.