Drama Galore on Gossip Girl Season 4 Episodes

If you’re a lover of teen drama that tugs at the heart strings,Drama Galore on Gossip Girl Season 4 Episodes Articles then Gossip Girl season 4 episodes are a drama extravaganza that you certainly don’t want to be miss. This season picked off at the startling cliffhanger of the previous season, that kept us wondering if that was the last time when we saw Chuck on Gossip Girl. The premiere of the season 4 episodes put rest to all our doubts, as we saw Chuck hale and hearty, living life to the fullest after his narrow escape from death. To add to the excitement, we saw that he had assumed a new identity, and was cuddling up with a new girl.As the Gossip Girl season 4 episodes unfolded, we saw Serena and Blair having the time of their lives as they holidayed in Paris. They were partying hard, seemingly oblivious of all their previous concerns. But well, the fairytale was soon to end, as they returned back home, where they were faced with a volley of problems, with Blair worrying about how to make her way up to the elite social circle, and Serena http://gossipfunda.com/ brooding over her relationships with Nate and Dan.If you can’t wait to get your next dose of drama from the spectacular series, be sure to watch Gossip Girl season 4 episode 7 online, or catch the episode as it airs, to follow the interesting lives of these teens. Talking of Nate and Dan, they were both struggling hard to get over Serena. As Nate was busy in the pursuit of his sexual fantasies with Chuck’s black book at his aid, he met a beautiful young girl, Juliet. Juliet played the perfect friend for him, as she made him understand that his indulgences were merely proof of the fact that he was still in love with Serena. Dan, on the other hand, was busy playing dad to Georgina’s baby, and with Vanessa coming to his aid, he might just get over Serena.To see what comes out of this baffling love triangle, get a Gossip Girl season 4 episode 7 download after its telecast. The episode will be entitled ‘War at the Roses’, and will focus on the dramatic events that take place at Blair’s birthday party. A major shocker will await her as a totally unexpected (and unwanted) guest shows up at the party. This will lead to havoc being played over her party. But that will just be the beginning. Things will get worse when Nate and Serena will lay out a plan to target Blair and Chuck after being fed up with the games being played by them. But well, Gossip Girl season 4 episode 7 is not just about vicious drama. There’s also a treat awaiting all you music lovers as you download it, since musical guest Robyn takes on the stage. Be sure to tune in to Gossip Girl s04e07 to revel in this paragon of teen drama.