Everton FC

omingo Church. After a year the club was renamed Everton F.C. after the Everton area. In 1888, Everton club founded the Football League and won the first League Championship two years later. The club has won the FA Cup in 1905 and League title in 1914.


Everton is one of the most successful clubs in the history of English football, having played more seasons in the top flight of the game than any other club, giving the Everton fans something to be proud of. Everton has won the League Championship nine times, the FA Cup five times and UEFA Cup Winner’s Cup.



is in constant rivalry with Liverpool Club, which was https://clubsixteen.com.np formed as a separate club after the rent dispute in 1892. As a result of this split the club have been based at GoodisonPark, which contains 40, 569 people.


Everton has a large fan base, being one of the oldest clubs in the U.K. and due to long periods of success. Everton fans read and Everton articles, search Internet trying to find Everton rumors and Everton gossip. The club also has many supporters worldwide, in countries like North America, Australia, and Singapore. Everton supporters sing “It’s a grand old team”, hymn adopted from Celtic supporters. The club usually attracts a large audience, averaging over 36,000 people.