Harnessing the Power of Internet Marketing: A Strategic Approach

The Evolution of Banner Advertising
Banner advertising, once a highly effective marketing tool, has seen a significant decline in its click-through rate (CTR). The current average CTR hovers around a mere 1%, making the purchase of thousands of impressions a potentially costly venture with minimal returns.

However, an alternative to this costly method exists in the form of free Banner Exchanges. By placing the Exchange Banner on your site, you earn a credit every time a visitor views it. This credit can then be used to display your banner on another site within the exchange network. The typical ratio is 2:1, meaning you need two visitors to earn one banner display on another site.

The Limitations of Banner Exchanges
Despite their potential benefits, banner exchanges are not without their limitations. If your site already experiences low traffic, a banner exchange is unlikely to significantly boost your visitor numbers. This has led to widespread criticism of banner exchanges, as many users initially expect a substantial increase in traffic. However, for sites with a reasonable amount of initial traffic, banner exchanges can prove beneficial.

Leveraging Lotto Sites for Traffic
So, how can you attract a large number of visitors to your site? One method involves purchasing a guaranteed number of visitors from various lotto sites. These sites offer users the chance to win prizes, from computers to large sums of money, in exchange for visiting various sites.

However, this method also has its drawbacks. While you are guaranteed a certain number of visitors, these visitors are not necessarily interested in your site or product. Most are simply eager to play their ticket and leave your site as quickly as possible.

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wide roller banner
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The Power of Combining Techniques
This is where the strategic combination of marketing techniques comes into play. By harnessing the power of both lotto visitors and banner exchanges, you can convert untargeted visitors into targeted ones.

Here’s how to do it:

Join four different banner exchanges and place their codes on your page. Avoid joining more than four to prevent being accused of running a banner farm.
Each exchange will give you one exposure for every two visitors. With four exchanges, you’ll earn four exposures for every two visitors.
If you order 1,000 visitors from a lotto site, you’ll earn 2,000 exposures of your banner ad with the four exchanges.
These 2,000 new viewers are quality prospects who are more likely to respond to your offer and click on your banner ad.
A cleverly worded banner, designed using simple text rather than sophisticated artwork and animation, can yield a CTR closer to 4%.

There are numerous banner exchanges available. Some effective ones include Adswap, Quicklinksnow, Easyadexchange, and Advertiser-exchange.

Similarly, there are many lotto sites to choose from. Some reputable ones include Cash-giveaway, Lotto4cash, and Loftydeal.

In conclusion, it’s not always necessary to find completely new ways to promote your site. With a bit of creativity, a combination of established methods can yield highly effective results.