Here’s why taking cod liver oil is a good option!

And the other, who perhaps understand the need for them, but does not necessarily want to use them. So what does the second group then? It resorts to Natural supplements.


The belief is that natural supplements are far more organic and perhaps so much more authentic than dietary preparations that make for nutritional supplements. You can use natural supplements for a host of things: for body building, for weight gain/loss, for conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, for deficiency of certain vitamins in the body, to increase hair growth or reduce hair fall, for depression and anxiety and to even increase the sperm count. Such is the growth of research and development that you can find natural supplements for any and every condition.

Natural supplements include organic medicines, natural remedies and nutritional supplements to cure a number of conditions.

One such natural nutritional supplement that is extremely popular is cod liver oil. It’s mostly found in gelatin capsules and is recommended for a range of things. Essentially, cod liver oil is derived from the liver of cod fish. The reason why it is so well-recommended is because of its high concentration if Vitamin A and Vitamin D. Cod liver oil is believed to cure and prevent a range of conditions such as it is said to be a relaxant for join pain and stiffness caused by arthritis. Cod liver oil is also widely recommended for children, especially because it is said to prevent rickets and other symptoms that can be a result of a lack of Vitamin D.

A number of studies have been conducted to study the effect of cod liver oil on segments of patients. Because of its high concentration of Vitamin A and D, cod liver oil is said to have positive effects on children who are breast fed as it improves the breast milk, a reduced effect on mortality amongst female cancer patients, on helping repair wounded skin, teeth and hair and a host of other uses. While these studies continue to explore the uses of cod liver oil, nevertheless, it’s an extremely useful supplement that definitely has more benefits than one.


There isn’t any saying that natural supplements are better than the prepared Nutritional supplements or vice versa. However, either should be taken on serious and strict medical advice. Just because cod liver oil, for instance, has a high concentration of Vitamin A and D, doesn’t mean that it needs to be taken. Only a thorough medical checkup can reveal whether there is a need for you to consumer a nutritional or  and what will fill that gap. These natural supplements are easily available online and therefore, it’s best not to self-diagnose oneself. While every chemist shop will also have a range of natural and nutritional supplements available, the fun with being able to shop for these online is that you can do it in the comforts of your own home.