Hire a Corporate Travel Agent to Accomplish Travel Arrangements

Clay play is a partner to all your businesses or organizations that look beyond just their local market place or city to expand sales and at notoriety. Clay play is your solution in to make sure that all travel needs are handled and prepared for you in a care-free manner and you don’t have any kind of hesitation. Whether it is just a single visit to a client, or your largest and most important Trade show of the year, your individual and group is our first priority to overcome.

Clay play specializes in providing you a multiple rooms to groups throughout the world with thousands of exhibitors and convention attendees have contacted us for years to meet all their lodging needs and other necessities.

To bring you a corporate business travel management then clay play is here to manage all aspects and wants of your travel arrangements for an organization’s employees. Contracts with airlines, hotel chains, rental car companies, and other business travel management services are arranged by a corporate travel management service team. Employees must make business travel arrangements through the travel management department. Larger organizations have corporate travel management departments while smaller companies tend to employ travel agents with it.

It is the corporate travel group’s for specific role to ensure the total cost of employee travel does not exceed the budget of our customers. Some travel groups assign a travel budget to each division of the corporation where every department managers are responsible for overseeing through the travel arrangements for their own employees what they to do so.

Our corporate business travel management team establishes contracts with airlines and hotel chains to make sure employees can find airfare and lodging regardless of where or when they travel for business. Airlines, hotel chains, rental car companies, and other travel services are often provided with significant discounts to organizations when the corporate travel group agrees to conduct a certain amount of business with them over a period of time.

Employees who travel on overnight trips are normally reimbursed for their expenses related to meals and necessities. The corporate travel management group conducts research to determine the cost of meals and other luxurious services to establish daily expense limits for their customers. Companies only reimburse expenses that do not exceed that in the daily limit.

Some corporate travel management groups also provide customers with corporate credit cards which enable customers to charge expenses directly to the company rathe