History in the Making – The First Metal Bed

seems that metal beds are everywhere these days, some of the most affordable choices for bedding in the market. However, these were not always available, with ancient beds constructed from less sophisticated materials. In fact, the first documented of such materials being used for beds doesn’t appear until the Egyptian Empire. Of course, these weren’t created from the same materials from which affordable beds are today.


While commoners still slept on primitive beds of leaves and similar items, the Pharaohs of Egypt discovered advantages to sleeping on raised platforms, with parts constructed from precious metals. Tutankahmen, for example, slept on a bed constructed from ebony and gold. Aside from being the first metal beds, these were also probably the first platform beds.

While this same construction with gold, silver, and bronze was used for high-end beds during the Roman Empire in conjunction with feather or reed stuffed mattresses, design left metal behind in bed construction after this time until the late 18th century, at which time cast iron beds were combined with cotton mattresses to do away with the infestation of insects in the bedroom. From that time forward, metal bedroom sets became more popular among consumers, eventually becoming the less expensive option compared to other materials such as wood.

Children bunk beds are often some of the most commonly found bedroom furniture in metal today, since it needs to be replaced more often and parents don’t want to spend more than necessary on the furniture in these area. However, there are many other uses today for metal in the bedroom.

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For example, you can find a variety of stylish metal headboards online which can be elegant or simple (or both), depending on your taste. These headboards can add quite a bit of personality and beauty to your bedroom design without emptying your wallet or bank account.


In design today, wrought iron beds have also become wildly popular, being both affordable and stylish, with contemporary straight lines and sharp angles. Of course, for those who enjoy a more traditional look, wrought iron can also be wielded into a less severe design into a more intricate, delicate look. Still, this metal is the current favorite for all sorts of items, from headboards to daybed designs. In fact, trundles are often constructed from this material as well. As you can see, metal in the bedroom has evolved severely from its original use but is still highly desired in today’s designs.