History of Family Crest Rings

Family Crest Rings have a very long history:Jewelry has been used by men and women for wealth storage and for personal adornment for tens of thousands of years.  Heraldic jewelry,History of Family Crest Rings Articles such as the family crest ring, has roots squarely grounded hundreds of years ago, in the Middle Ages.  In those long-ago times, several specific types of heraldic jewelry were designed for practical reasons as well as for their beauty.  A prime example is the family crest ring.During the Middle Ages, family crest rings were beautiful pieces of jewelry that were used by members of the nobility to identify themselves as lords of the manor.  Family crest rings can still be used to signify family membership, although now they are also used as a decorative fashion accessory.Designs Used in Family Cres t Rings:The surface of the top of a family crest ring is engraved with a graphic, heraldic device called a family crest.  Some people use the term “family crest” interchangeably with the heraldic terms “coat-of-arms” or “family shield.”  But technically, a family https://vankushfamily.com/ crest is only one component in the design of a coat-of -arms, usually the uppermost portion that stands on top of an armor helmet that is depicted in the coat-of-arms.  The stylizedrepresentations which we now think of as being family crests originated as displays sitting atop actual armored helmets worn by knights during Medieval battles andtournaments.A variety of patterns, colors and devices may be used in family crests, with some of the more common devices being a hand or arm holding a weapon, a lion, a horse, a dragon, or an eagle’s or other bird’s wings.  Each of the components of a family crest has a specific meaning, and together they tell a story about the progenitor of that family and his deeds.  No matter which elements are used in the design of family crests, they are always symbolic,stylistic and stunning.Family Crest Rings Can Be Useful As Well As Beautiful:Although the need to identify themselves by wearing family crest rings has long past, many individuals even today wear family crest rings as a means of symbolically linking to their family history and heritage.  In countries where the noble class still exists, family crest rings can also be a status symbol – they serve as an instant identifier of the wearer’s level in society. Even today, a fine family crest ring is a uniquely appropriate giftfor a man or woman of high accomplishment or high social status.Family crest rings are often made of precious metals such as gold, silver or platinum.  The arresting appearance of high-quality pieces, with their intricately engraved detail, captivates anyone who sees one.  Their visual appeal can be enhanced even more if they are enameled with vivid colors or set with precious gemstones.Family crest rings have become extremely popular because of their attractive designs and the family history that they signify.  The pageantry and the magnificence of the Medieval world are quickly brought to mind by these beautiful rings with their highly stylized, intricate designs.History and heritage, perfectly and beautifully symbolized by family crest rings. https://vankushfamily.com/