Is your Web Hosting Provider telling you everything about their Web Hosting Packages & Servers?

Last week I was doing some research into CPanel Tools when that research then made me wonder about the size of each installed tool and whether or not their installation size was justified in terms of what their tool did.

I then turned my attention to a piece of software called eAccelerator, which is not a part of the CPanel Tools but a server-side (web hosting provider) piece of software, because it was taking up too much of my web space on my NetHosted web hosting package.
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eAccelerator – Too Much Web Space

eAccelerator itself is very small. Its job is to speed up the execution of PHP Scripts, amongst other things, by caching (storing) them in a compiled (ready-to-run) state; which is okay by me but not at the expense of 160MB of web space.

I have 250MB of web space and with 160MB of eAccelerator cache and files that only leaves me 90MB for my own website content. Naturally I removed eAccelerator, and I suggest you do the same if you do not use PHP Scripts that much.

One thing to note here is that I am currently using a Krystal Hosting web hosting package that does not have eAccelerator installed on it, but does have my Website Creation Help website content on its web space, whereby that server is just as fast as the NetHosted server with eAccelerator installed on it. It also has the Website Creation Help website content on its web space. Anyway, continuing with my research;