Magnetic Business Cards: A Credible Way to Present Contact Details

In this day and age, traditional marketing tools such as the business cards may seem less appealing. People are more into email, social media, and online shopping these days. If you hand out an ordinary white business cards to a prospect, they are likely to see you as an unappealing business. Paper cards are just too simple and won’t give you the attention that you desire. But with modern counterparts getting much attention these days, you can’t just let your cards remain common and unappealing.


The best way to make your cards unique and attractive is to put some creativity in your cards. You can do this by creating your cards in unusual shape or style. You can also put images that are attention-grabbing that will help deliver your message to your prospects in the quickest and easiest manner. If you can make your cards like this, you can get better chance of impressing your prospects and eventually let them buy the products or services that you offer.reclamaciones banco sabadell tarjetas

There is one trend today that not everyone is using yet but would definitely give your cards an edge over your competitions. That is creating business card magnets. Creating this type of cards doesn’t really require rocket science. All you need to do is stick a magnetic strip at the back of your card so it will stick to metal surfaces. People can put your magnetic cards in their fridge door, metal cabinets, and just about anywhere where the card will be visible. When your magnetic cards are seen everyday, it would be easier for people to remember and recognize you.

You actually have several options in creating magnetic cards. Make sure that the design of your cards is exceptional and attractive so people will be encouraged to stick your cards on their fridge. Make sure your logo is in your cards as this will help people remember you easily. You can always experiment with the shape, style, and size of your cards, but make sure that the design you create will still be reflective of the nature of your business.

You can contact your printer and ask what kind of design will be appropriate for your magnetic cards. If you want a customized design, you can always design your own tempates and have your printer print it for you. But if you are on a limited budget, you can always design and print your own cards and put the magnetic strips yourself. This will make your cards look personalized, but make sure that the design still looks professional and credible so people will still trust you.