NAR’s Tips for Choosing a Realtor

Are you considering buying or selling a home? Since it is not ideal to do so on your own, you need to find and hire a reliable Real Estate agent to do the task for you. Of course, your choice for a realtor should be based on the professional’s integrity, reliability, and trustworthiness. The agent should always prioritize your best interest.

It is advisable to carefully and wisely choose a realtor. Take note that you are set to spend some time with the agent, especially when buying a perfect home or selling your property at favorable prices. For sure, you prefer it if the realtor is familiar with the property neighborhood. He should be a professional at all times and should be knowledgeable about factors that are significant to your transaction.

It is a known fact that finding a good Real Estate agent is a crucial and difficult task. The professional should not only be reliable and trustworthy; he should also be knowledgeable and confident enough to make helpful recommendations when it comes to finding and hiring a Real Estate broker and lawyer to complete any deal.

The National Association of Realtor or NAR is sharing several guidelines when finding and hiring a property agent. The group recommends asking these necessary questions and observing the overall personality of an agent before hiring him. Here are some other tips.

For how long have you been into sales of residential properties? Ask if the job is his full time or part time. The best reason for asking this question is that Real Estate knowledge and skills are mostly learned while practicing the job. However, be reminded that experience may still not be a total guarantee of the agent’s reliability and resourcefulness.

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What credentials do you hold? The realtor should be duly licensed by the state or any governing body. This would assure you that he has met standards and requirements in education, testing, and training. Real Estate pros could hold designations like Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) or Graduate Realtors Institute (GRI).

How many properties did you sell last year? The volume of successful transactions headed by the agent could be an indication of how reliable and trustworthy he is. You may ask several addresses as well as selling prices if you need to verify the information shared.

What marketing approach would you use? You should choose a realtor who is aggressive, creative, and innovative when buying or selling properties. You could never go wrong as long as you have him. Do not forget to ask for references. You may learn much other information about the agent from those.