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Dubai has been one of the favorite options for the job seekers. As compared to other countries Dubai is the most sought after country for jobs and also for business. The main reason of people coming to do jobs in Dubai is because it is a fast growing economy. The real estate market is on a growing trend and hence people find many opportunities to invest their money here in Dubai. One can save the entire salary as the salary is tax free. Besides these reasons Dubai has an excellent climate and the most important the people can earn a lot while working or investing in Dubai.







The is governed by the Federal Law no. 8 established in the year 1980 known as the regulating labour relations law. This was later amended as Federal law no. 24 in the year 1981 and Federal law no. 15 in the year 1985 and in 1986 it was amended as Federal law no. 12. The labour laws are different for the free trade zone in the UAE.

The labour law applies to all those living in Dubai. This essentially means that it applies to both the citizens of Dubai and also the people who come to work here in Dubai known as expatriates. There are exemptions to the labour law in Dubai. The staff appointed by the Federal government in different areas and also the employees who work in the Emirates government department are exempted from this labour laws. The various public bodies, municipalities, various public institutions and the staff and workers employed at these organizations are exempted from the labour law. Even the armed forces and security units and domestic servants are exempted from the labour laws.

According to the UAE labour lawall the employees besides the exempted staff should follow the law. The laws for the free trade zone like – Dubai Airport Free Zone and Jebel Ali Free Zone are also subject to various rules and regulations; but they are supposed to have their own employment contracts.

Those who are for employment should follow some important regulations in order to follow the laws correctly. There are certain pre-requisites for those who are working at Dubai. In order for any outsider i.e. non Dubai citizen to work in Dubai the employment visa has to be processed through the Ministry in UAE. Once the visa is approved by the Ministry only then the person can work at Dubai. The businesses which are to be started in Dubai has to be registered with the Ministry. This means that the company should open a file with the Ministry before they start employing their staff in the company. In addition to following the rules for labour laws the companies should also have proper immigration clearances to be done before the company employs staff. For the employees who have to be appointed in the free trade zones the companies or the sponsors have to deposit a bank guarantee with the Ministry.