Smart Ebay Selling Tips for Everyone

These are selling tips that most books, websites, and Ebay leave out.

They are the Ebay Selling Tips only learned through trial and error, heartache, lost time, and lost money.

Selling on Ebay can be a great hobby, help you to clear out your cluttered shed or basement, and make you another source of income. Millions have made it their career. But before we go that far you need to heed these simple Ebay Selling Tips.

Selling on Ebay is actually very easy. There are 10’s of millions of people on the site daily Shoping. So you do not even have to find shoppers they did it for you. And they trust Ebay and it’s policies making them trust you the seller (to a certain degree, more about that later).

Below you will find Ebay Selling Tips to get you started in the right direction and onto making money.

The first 3 Ebay Selling Tips below are the basics and the 7 that follow are the ones with real value.

With these you can save time, make more money, and avoid getting into Ebay trouble!

Ebay Selling Tips: #1

You don’t need much to sign up for Ebay and you don’t need much to start buying on Ebay either, but to start selling you need a little more. This is because you will be collecting money off of their customers!

Gather these things before you even go to the registration page if you plan to start selling fast.

Bank Account # and a debit or credit card that you can link to your new Ebay account to collect money!

A non – P.O. Box address with a phone number (this can be a home phone or cell phone).

Enter all this information into the registration page and do the necessary verifications.

These include verifying your email by clicking on the registration link they send you. Allowing an Ebay automated teller to call whatever phone you specify and rattle off a 4 digit pin that you must then enter when they ask you.

When you sign up for your Ebay account you should immediately sign up for your Paypal account. This is by far the most accepted and easy payment receipt method on Ebay.

Paypal will also do some verification steps including sending 2 small deposits under 25 cents (.25 dollars) to the bank account you provided.

By verifying the exact amount of money they made in those deposits they feel confident that the account number you provided is actually yours.

* Important Ebay Tip – If you want to get selling as fast as possible you need to do the Paypal registration that day also. It sometimes takes a couple of business days for Paypal’s deposits to show up in your account

Ebay Selling Tips: #2



Find something to sell! You can sell anything on Ebay. The more desirable or popular an item the more you’ll make of course. Some good 1st time selling items are cell phones you don’t use anymore, a collector’s item, the list is endless.