Social Bookmarking Sites

These are good questions to be sure, but what questions should you ask yourself before choosing your personal social bookmarking sites. Let’s begin with a short list to get you headed on the correct path. What do you want from a bookmarking site? Are friends a big draw for you? Are you primarily wanting to focus on page ranking? Would you like more exposure to your individual posts? Do your most recent posts need more attention or the front page of your site? Are you up for a popularity contest or are you seeking content related ratings? Would you like a few social bookmarking sites to focus on to really make an Internet difference in exposure or just one? Do you have one blog, social network, or site and want many social bookmarking sites? Or do you have blogs and social networks or other sites and want to focus on a few social bookmarking sites?

To shed some light on the answers to these questions and possible more you would really need to research the masses of social bookmarking sites available to Internet users today. I personally have checked into a few of the major and minor players in the social bookmarking sector of the net and will list a few of the ones I have found useful.

Claim ID is a free sign up site. After setting up your personal visitors profile page, viewers will see a photo and a bit of a bio on you along with your compilation of sites you have entered. This list has areas for descriptions of the sites you add and the link is live and takes the visitor directly to your site. It is sort of an all inclusive “What sites do I have to offer” page which some call a link resume. Verify the sites you list as this will gain you credibility. Claim ID and Open ID are fairly simple sites and an easy way to manage your online presentation identity of hyper-linked URLs.

Yahoo Buzz is a social bookmarking site where stories are ranked by your votes. Submit your own stories to the Buzz or just hang out and vote on other members submissions. The voting system at Buzz allows voters to vote up or down on any given story to promote or take away promotion of a story. There is a complete FAQs section at Yahoo Buzz that will answer navigation, system, and other questions. Buzz is people driven and popularity on your chosen stories is a must for high ratings. I found Buzz to feature celebrity and political stories highest. If you have a Yahoo email account, you are just a click away from getting involved with Buzz.
















One of the bigger social bookmarking sites, MyBlogLog, is also owned by Yahoo. This site is also user driven as far as popularity of sites on MyBlogLog. Your creation personal profile area has a listing for all your personal sites from social networks, blogs, or any web site that you could want to create a list and subsequently a “Group” for. Inputting each of sites at MyBlogLog then creates a “Group” for that site that other members of MyBlogLog can join. Sub groups with the head being a web site. MyBlogLog also has an area to list your social networks under “Services”. This list creates a feed from each of these sites and services and posts the actions right on your viewable personal profile page. Visitors who come to your MyBlogLog site will be able to view all of the submissions you have made to your entire list of sites and services right from your home page. Again, a similarity to a link resume but with a higher interaction level than with Claim ID on the friendly side.

Magnolia is a social bookmarking site with the plus of a Wiki. My first impression here was a feature of Art and Photography. The video tutorials on the roots section are a must and the discovery searches and friend capabilities here at Magnolia are also a big attraction to this site. Keeping your sites together collected on a social bookmarking site like Magnolia allows you access to your favorites anytime no matter which computer you are using. Finding out what others like and enjoy and then sharing your bookmarks with your friends who have the same interests as you is one of the many highlights to this site. Magnolia makes the social side of social bookmarking work better.

Bloglines tracks your favorite news, blogs, weather, and classifieds so you don’t have to. This social bookmarking site allows the user to read, save, and share all in one place. Users of PC’s, Mac’s, cell phones, and iPhones can investigate Bloglines top one thousand, lists of popular feeds, interact on site, and more. Bloglines differs from Google Reader a bit on features. With Google Reader’s feed list, you are able to share individual posts or entire feeds for others to then view on your Google Reader home page. Google Reader’s site also features a portable coding widget to embed on your personal blogs or other sites. This is a big plus as using Google Readers widget on your sites also adds fresh content to them. One of the incredible and numerous draws to using the Google related social bookmarking site.