The expert will tell you why the power cable has many layers

We all know the power cable has many outside layer. But most of us would ask that what are the functions for these outer layers? Today the professional engineer from king-tone will solve this problem for us. The king-tone is the professional power cable manufacturer. It is the high reputation manufacturer for the coaxial power cable, solar panel, utp cat5e, RG59 with power cable. Their website is www.king-tone.com . If you want to know more about, this company, you could visit their website.

The expert from the king-tong has told us that the outer layer of the power cable is always the rubber or the synthetic rubber cap and the function of this layer is for insulating. On the other hand, it is also play the role to protect the rg59 with power cable from the outside damage.

The coaxial cable manufacturers nowadays are all produce their power cables https://clicdanstaville.fr/ to high voltage or low voltage type. If the power cable has been produced for the high voltage, the inside of the cable will have a layer of resin which is like filler. This layer has the function of the high-voltage insulation. In a word, this layer is the most important part of the insulation. The low-pressure power cable does not have this kind of layer. But there will also be wrapped by something which is like ribbons to secure the cable by filling the gap in the middle of the power cable.

All of the power cable has the shield layer. The power cable manufacturer king-tone has told us that the function of the shield for the power cable has two sides. First, because the current which through the power cable is very huge. Around the current, the current would produce a magnetic field. And then, in order not to affect other electrical components, we should plus this shield to shield this electromagnetic shielding in the cable. The other function for the shield of the power cable is the grounding protective effect. If the cable core has been damaged, the leaked current can flow into the ground by the shield layer. It will reduce the dangerous leaking for current.