Top Ten Reasons to Write Articles to Publicize your Book or Business

Here’s the Top Ten Reasons:

1. It’s free.

Top web sites and article directories want your articles. Thousands of daily visitors come to find out more about different topics. They appreciate your knowledge and unique approach to it. They get the articles free. You get to include your powerful web bio or signature file that attracts new people to your web site where your sales letters for your seminars, products, and service are.

2. You can reach from 10,000 to 500,000 of your targeted audience each day that you submit an article.

These people surf the top sites in their fields and article directories to get free information. When your articles get published, you will be at the top of well-known online business people who provide a great service. Remember Bill Gates prediction: After 2000, you either take your business online, or you won’t have one.

3. You will spend far less time promoting online than more traditional ways.

When you spend your time each week writing a short article from 200-800 words (about an hour for each), you can then delegate the submissions to your low-cost office computer assistant. Total time promoting? Less than six hours a week. This is the best money I spend because after the initial submissions, my assistant’s time to submit five or so articles to 20 +web sites is less than 5 minutes per web site. Once you write consistently, you multiply your article bank and multiply your bank account.At first, we sent three articles at a time to 10 Web sites. Now, we send three articles to 40-80 Web sites each week. Each week the number of sites the articles are on rises 10,000.

Sites like ezinearticles.com carry over 150 articles from me.. In November 2006, when I googled my name and found my articles on 129,000 other sites. That’s pretty good viral marketing when you think I started out submitting five articles and got on a few hundred sites.

The more, the merrier, because these not only put you in the top ten sites through the search engines, but bring you many new book buyers and potential clients.

4. Submitting articles is seven times as effective as any other promotion because when you submit many articles, you become known as the savvy expert in your field.

You may start with just two or three, but each week after creating a new one with a different angle or audience, this outstanding viral marketing technique will bring many new opportunities because many of the people who read them will contact you to publish on their site. See how the good word spreads?
















5. You can raise your own ezine subscribers from 10-25 every day you submit an article to multiple web sites and article directories.

If you submit four or five articles a month to 20 web sites, after six months of regular submissions, you’ll get 1000’s of links to your site. When you up level your signature file to send with each submission, readers will click to your URL and your sales will roll on endlessly.

After reading six or seven of your ezines, your targeted audience who came to you through these articles, trusts you more, believes in you, and eventually becomes a client or customer.